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Official Pages

Radio Four has an official Archers page, even featuring their own summary of the latest broadcast episode, although no archive as yet.

Whereas the recently relaunched site for the Archers Addicts does archive them ... wherever might they have got that idea?

Real Audio

For a long while, I opined on this page that the only way of reliably getting sound to the out-of-range masses was from Daniel Gordon in Cambridge, who had been doing what many perceived as the BBC's job, the provision of some episodes via RealAudio. The BBC's intellectual property department, guardians of Auntie's copyright, took exception to this and followers of the Archers out of range of Radio Four broadcasts were no longer able to listen to the programme. They sent him an email which he has reproduced at his site.

Recently the beeb have been struck by an awesome case of sanity. You can get most of Radio 4's output, in RA, from their site. Not before time.