Silly Statistics


1 year. 12 months. 366 days. 129,282 visitors to the front page - an average of over 350 per day (although the continued growth means that the current daily average is somewhere over 400).


The busiest day is typically a Monday, receiving 25308 (19.7%) of the hits (with the highest individual day being 3rd July with 733 hits) - Saturdays are the quietest, just 5.6%.


Lunchtime in the UK - 12-3 local time - accounts for 25.9% of the total, with the corresponding slack point being in the dead of the UK night, when the US is quiet too, the six hours fom 1-7am received just 6.4% (the hour of 5am has received just 1051 all year!)

The busiest single hour was 1pm on the 3rd July with 84 hits, one visit every 43 seconds!


But there are lots of repeat visitors? Yes, those hits came from 26,522 unique hosts - an average of 5 visits per machine, although there were 124 who averaged a visit every other day, accounting for 30% of the total (but these includes proxy servers, so it's not that clear cut)!


Perhaps unsurprisingly, the .uk Top Level Domain was the highest (with accounting for half of these), with .com and .net following on behind. Geographically, users in Australia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Germany and Belgium were the top five (with hits from every member of the EU - although Austria only numbered 2!)

I've received hits from places as remote as Namibia, Antigua and Barbuda, Ethiopia, Kyrgyzstan, Dominican Republic, Brunei Darussalam, Mauritius and Venezuela (amongst many others).


It pains me to say it, but not only does IE (54.3%) beat Netscape (42.1%) (with Lynx, Opera and various other wierd and wonderful bots and agents being a long way off the pace), but Windows wins hands down (88.5% - of which Win95 is comfortably the most successful variant, with NT just beating 98 for second place). Macintosh just beats out Unix, in which SunOS holds a lead over Linux. There are even a few hits from OS/2 and WebTV! And whoever it is that's provided the four hits from an Amiga - you're a sick individual who needs help.

Referals ...

Who do I like? Well, the Addicts pass on a fair few people, as do the Anarchists. Individually, Penny Mayes, Paul Herber and Dan Gordon are great!

Search Engines

The SEs that like me the most are Google, Excite and Altavista, although some of the terms that were used that found me are a little concerning ....

And More?!

All of these and much, much more can be found in analog's (my tool of choice for web stat analysis) output for the first year ...



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