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"Leave it to me, Dad" - click for larger version

"Leave it to me, Dad"

Tim Bentinck has been flogging off old scripts for charity. (The graphic to the right was the compliment card he sent along with the script - very apt in the recent inheritence storyline!)

Strange Pages

I've listed some of the stranger things out there in web-land associated with the programme



Damn! I wish I'd thought of that one ...

"Sic transit gloria mundi" ... I can't remember exactly saying it, but I'm quoted in an article in the SIndy (25/6/00). The reporter also took up my plea to the SWs from below!


Recently, William broke a stay while learning the noble art of campanology. What's one of them I hear you cry (as I join your merry chorus):

Thanks to Niles

Bob Arnold (1910-1998), RIP

The death was announced on Thursday 27th August of Bob Arnold, for 47 years the voice of Tom Forrest (BBC News' story)

Not quite an original character (he missed the first month), his distinctive voice was, for many, an integral part of the Sunday omnibus, his countryside advice and short homilies being as much a part of what The Archers was about as the storylines themselves. While, for many, Tom matured into a grumpy old man he was still able to be wise and communicative, as his relationship with Hayley last year proved. A genuine countryman, he was originally turned down for the part as his Gloucestershire voice was considered not quite right, but as Tim Bentinck (David), in an on-line chat session only the day before this said news, when asked who is most like their character, "Bob Arnold, he really is Tom Forrest."

While not as regular a player as once was, Bob (and Tom) will be sadly missed by all.

A Roll in the Hay

At the end of a surprisingly (for the Grauniad <grin>) item about the effects of fresh country air on the libido of the villagers, this site even gets a link! ("The sexy sins of Saint Shula" The Guardian, Wednesday, August 12, 1998).


I've written a short polemic on the degeneration, as I see it, of The Archers and the need for a responsible hand on the helm of the SS Ambridge .... There are also a collection of newspaper articles available about John's demise .... the Daily Telegraph, the Times and the Guardian reports are no longer available, but here is a locally held copy of an article from the Independent .

RIP, Jack May

Jack May, Nelson Gabriel for the last 46 years, passed away on the 19th September. I reproduce here without permission, the obituary that appeared in the The Times on 20th September 1997 and "Roland White's Radio Column" from the Radio Times (11-17 October 1997) - "Nelson: a Character Worthy of a Column" as (currently unavailable - file lost) posted to UMRA by Brenda Selwyn.

Naturally, my condolences and sympathies extend to his family, relatives, colleagues and all fans of the unique Nelson Gabriel, who cannot be replaced and will be sadly missed.

The Telegraph

started a series of extracts from the new book by William Smethurst, an ex-producer, from Saturday 24th to Tuesday 27th August.

The extracts are from "The Archers: The True Story" © 1996 by William Smethurst. Published by Michael O'Mara Books on September 13 1996 at £16.99

The Times

ran some articles on Monday 8th July 1996, included (but no longer available) are

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