A non-apology

A non-Apology

Can I, in the light of a few e-mails which don't seem to have understood this point, underline something?

I am not paid to write these summaries. They appear when they appear, not through divine intervention but when I get a chance to either write them or publish those which I am sent.
I have a job which takes up a lot of my time - and until I'm offered a salary package which enables me to maintain this site full time, these summaries will (and must) take a back seat.

These pages are completely unofficial - I have no official connection to the BBC, the Archers Addicts or anyone else officially related to the programme.

An Apology

If this is not good enough for you - as it seems it's not good enough for some of my readers - then I have three suggestions:

  1. Join the list of summarisers and help me maintain the site's content,
  2. Delete this site from your bookmarks and use the BBC/AA's synoposes instead ,
  3. Actually listen to the programme so that you don't need my summaries. (And if you're too busy to listen why can't I be?)

Handles and flying off them

Yes, maybe I did. Thanks to everyone who wrote to smooth the ruffled feathers!

As someone suggested, maybe it is all my fault. If I'd not created an expectation that everything would arrive on time, people wouldn't complain when it didn't!

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