Strange Pages?


No, I've no idea why either, but I am, apparently, a card-carrying iconoclast and a rebellious revolutionary (and an appalling alliterater). You may disagree, I may go crimson with apoplexy, but in an e-mail, one of the cast admitted to being "completely astonished by the subversiveness of it". So there! (Well, actually I wasn't so much an apopoletic crimson as tickled pink, but like minds will understand the need for hyperbole.)

So, this page aims to pander to these whims, to cater to those for whom the Archers isn't so much a way of filling fifteen minutes a day, but more a leitmotiv for existence, the zeitgeist for the anti-MTV generation and a pasquinade for the ignored listening masses.


Denizens of UMRA have developed the Archers geek code

Bankruptcy attorney
(Now with added sheep). Regular posters are in the habit of using a large number of distinctly esoteric acronyms or UMRAisms.


Also from UMRA, comes the Lynda Snell Society, I am neither a member nor an affiliate (nor would I want to be) but it's a uniquely strange beast and needs a link :-)

We almost lost our "dearly beloved" Lynda to the most noble people of the north-east, is Ambridge nicer than Grimsby?

The Archers Anarchists

The Archers are real - there is no cast!

This communiqué from the command bunker of the Archers Anarchists, or contact them at

    Archers Anarchists
    15 Hewgate Court
    Henley on Thames
    RG9 1BS

Search Engines

If you ask Altavista, Lycos, Webcrawler, Yahoo!, HotBot or <insert favourite search engine> for URLs about the Archers, you'll probably get loads of references, including some for infidels using the Archers' nomenclature;

Other appearances

Quite a few of the cast (including Richard Derrington, Terry Molloy and Alison Dowling) were on Jupiter Moon, which was produced by William Smethurst ....
"Ambridge Too Far"
The Ambridge Socialist Manifesto

Down with the Archer clique, symbol of feudal oppression.
Expropriate the lands of the Archers and the Pembertons.
Down with the small capitalists, Sid Perks and Nelson Gabriel.
Smash the new Redwoodism of Simon Pemberton.
Expose Lynda Snell's role as organiser for the so-called New Labour party.
For peasants and workers control in Ambridge, collectivise the land now!
Full support for the Ambridge Lesbian and Gay group, organised by Sean, landlord of the Cat and Fiddle.
Eddie, Joe and Clarrie Grundy to power in Ambridge on a socialist ticket.

Keith Flett, N17
Time Out, 14 August 1996
We write to advise you that Keith Flett has no authority to issue his press releases purporting to represent the Ambridge Socialists' Manifesto. He is not a member and would not be welcome. His trendy North London attitudes and ubiquitous letter-writing are equally boring. We suspect he has never visited a farm, let alone worked on one. How dare he purport to understand, let alone support, the cause of agricultural workers and other rural dwellers. We reject utterly his attempts at entryism as counter-revolutionary.
Pat Archer and Kathy Perks
Time Out, 21 August 1996
Having been at various festivals with our wholefood meals van, the contents of Pat Archer and Kathy Perks' letter have only just been brought to our attention.

We feel you should know that they have no right to address such matters and are, frankly, considered by the Ambridge communinity to be opportunistic splitters.

Kate Aldridge and Roy Tucker
Ambridge Revolutionary Socialist Extremists, SW1
Time Out, 28 August 1996