Archers Plot Summaries


1130 GMT, Thursday 25 February

Yesterday evening I received an email from my ISP. It seems that they are having difficulties competing in their marketplace and are terminating their services.

It remains to be seen what this means, in the short-term, for the plot summaries. I am in the process of trying to clarify the situation.

They claim their mail-servers will continue to operate, so you may wish to join the mailing list that I maintain in parallel to the web summaries, just in case things go pear-shaped. In the event of a disaster I will post the daily summaries to this list.

If this server is disrupted, please continue to try to access it as I will be making every effort to re-locate it.


2000 GMT, Friday 26 February

I've had a short update from my ISP and things, it seems, might not be quite so bleak as they at first painted them - I'm still not completely confident, but I am less worried about the immediate future. I will, of course, keep you updated through this page.


I cannot let this pass though without expressing my thanks not only to the number of people who signed up with the list-server (I guess I'm doing something right if you want to keep reading them) but most of all to the people who offered the summaries alternative homes. I've thanked you all personally via email, but it's generosity like that which makes the time and effort to keep the site up to date all the more worthwhile.


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