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Under Construction:As all the best are, these pages are unfinished and while they will never be truly complete, they are particularly incomplete at the moment. As they always say, come back again soon to see the progress.

On these pages I outline some of the books that I've bought recently together with a few books that interest me and others which have a relevance to some of the information that you will find elsewhere on my site.

Click on a category on the right to go to a particular page (if it's ready yet) or scroll down to see what tome is currently under my microscope.

Disclaimer: Yes, if you order a book using a link through this page I get a cut, I make no apologies but quite understand if you don't feel you want to subsidise, to whatever small extent, my existence!

That said, if you do find my reviews interesting and are intrigued enough to consider buying the books, Amazon do tend to work out cheaper, even once P&P is considered. I list the RRP, but in many cases Amazon are cheaper by 10-20%.

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The Archers

A few recent publications associated with the BBC's The Archers

Pop Science

Pop for popular, not necessarily lightweight. Technical and scientific books - both popular enough for the keen amateur but challenging enough for the skilled reader.


From coaching manuals and introductory texts to artwork - musts for the novice or seasoned vet - my copies are well-thumbed!


Everyone's got their likes and dis-likes, their favourite authors and the stories they return to, here I list some of the books I've read (or re-read) recently.

What I'm Currently Reading

Where Wizards Stay Up Late - Book Cover
Where Wizards Stay Up Late

Katie Hafner, Matthew Lyon

List Price: £8.99

A blow by blow account of the birth, infancy and the growth into burgeoning and ubiquitous adulthood of the Internet. Explodes a few myths, explains a few questions and goes into a load of detail that it by turns fascinating and unnecessary.

Probably not for all tastes, but if you're reading these words and wondering how it all came about, there is something for everyone in here somewhere.

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