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Small name, big talent. Euch, such schmoozing.

Where to find her?

Well, she used to present the breakfast show on Auntie's GLR. Now she pops up all over the place on Radio Five Live (currently on Friday afternoons and Sunday mornings). And (presumably explaining why she's not a regular on R5L) is to be seen galavanting all around the world at the licence-payers' expense on BBC2's The Travel Show.

What's the story

Green & Black's Maya Gold Chocolate

The voice. The attitude. The whole caboodle. If you've never had the pleasure, well, you're missing out.

Aural chocolate, that's the best description I can come up with, slightly molten, not too sweet, with a hint of spice. Go out and buy a bar of Green & Black's Maya Gold, 70-odd% plain chocolate, a hint of orange, vanilla and a few random spices. Now imagine that as a voice and you're getting my drift.

Other bits and bobs

There's a usenet group, available at a news-server near you, or, as it's not much used and lots of servers baulk at carrying alt groups, it might be easier for you to go read it through

Curiously and amusingly one of the more recent, well, April 1999, posts was one of disappointment that that newsfroup wasn't related to G Love and Special Sauce. Which I found decidedly amusing, so amusing I've changed the title of the page. "The Things That I Used To Do". "Baby's Got Sauce." "Some Peoples Like That". Quite.

And that's it?

Well, yes. I know no more.

If you know more and are willing to share with a fan, share away.


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