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You might not think you need it, but you certainly need to be aware of it. Cryptography - what can it do for you. (If you want to know what it can do for me, you'll need my public key.)


Read some of my more rabid opinions on the state of our roads (and possibly, some of the less blatantly provocative.)


I row. Humour me. Read about my passion.


A few snaps of some recent holidays. And when I say a few, I do only mean a few.


Desktop wallpaper, who did invent that phrase? Since I started to publish the pictures on my web page thousands of people have come visit. Beats me, but you too can see what's behind my windows.


Gadget of the Moment

Book Cover

3Com's Palm V

It will change your life. Well. Maybe not. People will look at you using it and go, "Woo! That's cool!"

Happens every day, believe me.

Palm V information and links

Random Link Outta Here

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Some other links that you really need to know about.

Objects, People and Words

An occasionally updated (last so on Wednesday, July 4 ) paean to those things in life that make things a little better, worse or just different to the everyday. Well, different to my everyday anyhow.

Little Things That Rock My World

I'm a gizmo-freak. Unabashed and unapologetic, unfortunately also unrich enough to not be able to pander to my whims. Minimal is good and there are just fair too many little things that rock my world and they just are all far too expensive.

Truth be told, what do I care? It's only money and I'd rather have toys! MiniDiscs, DVDs, smaller and smaller phones, GPS, bring 'em all on. The latest addition to the menagerie, 3Com's Palm V. It has all the credentials: small, cute, expensive - love at first play and, to be fair, still in love after several weeks.


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