Vesta RC Me - 1995 HORR

I row on the Tideway for Vesta Rowing Club. Previously I rowed for London Rowing Club, IC and UCL. Click on the picture for a photo of my VIII in the '95 HORR. (Guess which seat I'm in :-)

Vesta Rowing Club

I maintain Vesta's web-site,, not to mention also serving as the club's vice-captain. The site is continually under development and is starting to look half decent (if I say so myself). New members always welcome, drop me a line or visit the site to find out more.

Rowing Links

I have a page where I've reviewed some books on rowing (with links to where you can order them).

There are plenty of resources for the web-rower, if you're in Britain (or even if you're not), the best place to start is in Oxford at Rachel Quarrell's Rowing Service (particularly her regularly updated new information page). The ARA's Regatta magazine is now online.

A few other useful links (although RQ would be enough for most!)



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