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Legalish Disclaimer

Lowfield is the personal site of me, Chris Harrison, and all of the information you read here is my copyright or has its copyright recognised by me or I've not recognised the copyright (but will if the owner wants me to). If you have a problem, be it accessing information or the content that you find, get in touch.

A word on Copyright

Way back when, in the days that most people hadn't heard of the Net, when I first created a web-page there weren't that many pages around and, in common with many of them, I didn't have too much to say that was mine, it was mostly links to other people, people who might (or more normally might not) have something to say for themselves.

Some things have changed in the intervening five or six years, some things haven't. I still haven't got too much to say that's completely mine, but my web pages do hold material which, while not wholly mine, is at least my words. Maybe even my graphics, too. And certainly not available anywhere else.

So, if you find something here and I've not explicitly quoted someone else or recognised someone else's copyright, then it's probably reasonable to assume that it's mine. All mine. Not your's. I'd appreciate, therefore, you asking me if you want to quote me or whatever.

For some specifics on the impact of copyright on web page publishers, visit Paul Lewis or The Copyright Website.


Go right ahead! Link away. This is a web after all. Shove in your bookmarks/favourites list and visit me lots. Tell all your friends. Tell me if you'd like. I'll throw in a link back if there's an appropriate page and if there's not, then I'll make one!

Only one proviso on that, well, not so much a proviso as a request. If you're a newspaper/publishing type and link to me, say, someone like the BBC, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Demon and the like, do you think you can tell me? I'm sure the access logs would tell me something's up - I just like to know these things, thanks!


A long and complicated story, but these pages are to be found on the servers run by They offer lots of flexibility and the opportunity to cause extreme damage. They're not an ISP for the newbie, but I like to think that I've not been one of those since the early-nineties. I get to play with Linux shells, qmail, ezmlm and can rlogin from work, ange-ftp via Emacs. The support is not guaranteed but I've no complaints so far. Cheers Peter.


Many years ago ancestors of mine (five and six generations or so) farmed a small corner of Cumberland, near the village of Kirkoswald, this area was in the valley of the River Eden, and because of this the farm was named "Lowfield". At the moment this is the only shot of the farmhouse I have - it doesn't even begin to show the beauty of the area.

In memory of the farmhouse, when, shortly after the Second World War (it was completed in 1951), my grandfather built a home for his family in Chorleywood, Buckinghamshire, he named it "Lowfield". The namesake has a momento of the old in that the tops of the gateposts are of Lazonby sandstone, from the village across the Eden from Kirkoswald. 

So now, another generation toils at the workface at a property called "Lowfield". From border country to the Home Counties to cyberspace ... and beyond! Back to the front page